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Privacy Policy

  1. For a significant interaction with customers, The Trade Fair pleasantly welcomes you to visit their website.
  2. Your privacy policy with The Trade Fair is safe. The relevant information like name, date of birth, address, marital status, telephone number, credit card elements, etc are private up to customers and us and we keep it confidential.
  3. We also convince you that your relevance will not be disclosed and are safe with us with the sole purpose of doing business with you. Or sometimes due to legal procedures, we are entitled to open your privacy.
  4. The Trade Fair make you assure that your personal information shared with the subsidiaries and business associations are solely to establish business relations.
  5. We hold all the rights for collecting, analyzing, and transmitting website usage patterns of all visitors to enhance our hotel services. It includes the information shared to subsidiaries and business associates as the general procedure.
  6. During business,The Trade Fair can hold online contests and surveys after the allowance by the law and it reserves all the rights to collect the information for enhancing the visitor's experience on the website.
  7. For any questions or concerns for privacy policy and issues, you can contact The Trade Fair anytime through info@tradefairresorts.com
  8. We promise to try our best ways to keep your privacy and security of personal information safe and confidential. However, we do not have any responsibility if any unauthorised persons have misused your personal information from the internet environment.
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  10. To make privacy more friendly and convenient, we hold the right to revise our privacy policy from time to time.
  11. During the usage of our website, you are bound to follow our all privacy policy and terms and conditions.
  12. We have designed our website in such a way that may bring your attention to the privacy policy so that you should be aware of the terms in which you need to share your personal information. Because after sharing their personal information, we will assume that you have accepted all our policies
Terms of use
  1. Terms and conditions of website use

    It's a request to look and read this page very carefully because it states all the terms and conditions under which you may visit our website. If you have any problems regarding any terms and conditions, please leave this website. The theme hotel or any of our business or subsidiaries, associate companies, or investment companies holds all the right to revise the terms and conditions from time to time. You need to visit our website periodically to check the terms and conditions because it binds our website.

  2. Use of content

    The brands, logos, and marks used in the website of the theme hotel are the properties owned or licensed by the hotel or associate who features in the website. It's prohibited to use the properties or any other content of our website, except these provided in terms and conditions. Also, you hold no right to sell or modify the content of our website.

  3. Security rules

    No visitor is allowed to violate or attempt to violate the security of the website without limitations.

    • The data which a user had not authorized to access is not allowed to log in to the server or account.
    • You are not allowed to probe, scan or test the exposure of the system or network. Also breaching is not allowed for security measures without authorization.
    • Those users who are trying to interfere with service, host, or network through the means of giving the virus to the website from overloading, flooding, mail bombing, or crashing are subject to legal scenarios.

    We hold all the right to investigate any of these occurrences which we suspect violating our security rules.

  4. General rules

    No visitors are allowed to use the website for transmitting, distributing, storing, or destroying substances that might be contemplated as a criminal offense for violating applicable laws and regulations. Also, those users who use the website in a manner that interferes with the copyright, trademark, secret, or another property right to others or violation of their privacy shall not be entertained. No user is allowed to use the website for rebellious, defamatory, X-rated, profane, or hateful content.

  5. Links to/ from other websites

    The website of the theme hotel comprises other websites. And the links for the same are provided for your comfort. However, the theme hotel doesn't hold any responsibility for the content of the linked sites and also does not make any representations for their security. The reference links on our website for product, service, or process don’t compromise to indulge in any sponsorship, ownership, and endorsement agreement. Meanwhile, if you wish to browse through the links, please do it at your own risk. Likewise, our website can also be accessible by other websites, but this does not mean that objectives, aims, purposes, ideas, and concepts are establishing any relation with us. We provide all respect to third party's products and services.

  6. Indemnity

    You are agreeing to protect, reimburse, hold harmless The theme hotel and associate entities like officers, directors, employees, and agents from and against the assertion, actions, and demands without limitation reasonable legal and accounting fees, contending or resulting with the use of website material or breaching the terms and conditions.

  7. Liability

    The Trade Fair has taken all the care for providing content to this website. However, we hold no responsibility for absoluteness and correctness of the information and any consequential liabilities which arise from the content on the website. In any circumstances, The Trade Fair or anyone else who provided the service shall be responsible for direct, indirect, incidental, special, or damage from the inability to use the service which arises from the mistakes, omissions, interceptions, and uncertainties in the transmission of any failed performance. There is no guarantee that the website will operate without any error or is free of computer viruses. However, we are also not responsible for these costs too. Our website is provided without any warranties. We accept all warranties approved by law including those of non-infringement of third parties, warranty of fitness for a particular purpose. Hence no warranties for accuracy, reliability, timeliness of the content, service, software, text, and graphics provided by The Trade Fair.

  8. Disclaimer of consequential damages

    The Trade Fair or any party associated with us mentioned on the website will be liable for damages including limitation, incidental, damages, losses profits, etc that results from the inability of using the website or its material based on the warranty, contract, tort, or other legal theory.

  9. Conditions of use and notice

    After all, if you still visit The Trade Fair website, your privacy will be subject to the notice and application of the law by the union of India. Any mistakes arising out of it which have a relation with this website will be subjected to the jurisdiction of courts in Jaipur.